Wine Tasting in Rockville Centre

Wine Tasting Tips in Rockville Centre

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Wine Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting in Rockville Centre

A visit to Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits shows that there are countless types of types of wines to choose from, from various grapes, vineyards, years, and countries.  If you are not an expert taster, it can actually become somewhat overwhelming attempting to figure out the differences and the “right” wine to select.   As for wine tasting tips in Rockville Centre, our experts know it often comes down to simply your personal preference.  The true golden rule should be, “Drink what you like” and that’s what we encourage.  Our expert and well-educated staff tastes every wine we offer, rate it for its overall value, and flavor profile it so we can properly recommend whatever wine you are looking for.

When interested in tasting wine, or even hosting your own wine tasting party, a main source of confusion regarding different types of wine to choose, starts out on the label.  Different parts of the world label wine differently and it could confuse anyone.  In America wine is usually labeled according to its variety of grape (“Chardonnay”).  However, in Europe, wine is labeled by the region where it was actually made (“Chablis” which is a French wine from the Chardonnay grape).  With continued wine tasting tips in Rockville Centre, we let our customers see that we are passionate about our wines and not only want you to enjoy them, but understand them better so you know what you’re choosing.  We keep current on new wines and pride ourselves on always looking for the next incredible bottle of vino.  We are well aware that wines are always changing, along with improved wine-making techniques, up and coming new vineyards, and new blends.

Red wines are made from “black” grapes that are fermented with the skins left on. The skin is actually what gives red wine its “red”.   Merlot is a very popular red wine and its rich flavor stems from raspberry, strawberry, oak, chocolate and sometimes coffee flavors.  Cabernet Sauvignon is also a popular red wine and combines blackberry, plum, herb, and pepper.  Shiraz/Syrah, distinguished as an Australian wine, combines black currant, cherry, raisin, vanilla, coffee and even tobacco to make up its rich, delicious taste.  As part of our wine tasting tips in Rockville Centre, we tell our customers that white wines, from either “black” or “white” grapes and fermented without the skin, should be served cold. One of the more popular white wines at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits is Chardonnay, which is often fruity, oaky and usually dry.  Riesling is made in many different styles from light, dry whites to sweet dessert wines.

When it comes to the perfect wine tasting party, be sure to make your first stop Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits. Call us today at (516) 858-2199 to learn more about the wines we have in stock!