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Premium Vodka in Baldwin

Premium liquor store in Baldwin

Premium Vodka in Rockville Center

Premium Vodka in Rockville Center

You can get vodka at any liquor store, so why do we think you should come to Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits for yours? Well, we have a few reasons. First, we’re proud to carry a selection of top-quality brands that are not available everywhere. You have a taste for the good stuff and with our premium vodka in Baldwin, you can find it. We make the effort to provide you with a wide selection and we move stock consistently, so you can be confident that you’re getting not only the very best, but the very latest. And don’t forget our service. The only thing that matches how impressed you’ll be by our vodka is how satisfied you’ll be with our friendly, courteous attention to your needs. And that comes free of charge.

How do you like your vodka? Straight, on the rocks, in a martini, or as part of a cocktail? Today’s mixologists have come up with some outstanding ways to utilize this unique and popular spirit. Our premium vodka in Baldwin is ideal in any and all types of drinks. Some of the most popular ones are the bloody mary, the Cosmopolitan, and The Long Island Iced Tea. And with the warm weather here at last, there is no better time to pick up a bottle or two of your favorite vodka (or possibly one you’re trying for the very first time). It’s a perfect liquor for hot summer days and lazy evenings outdoors or by the shore. So whether you’re a vodka enthusiast, occasionally indulge in it, or you’re a beginner looking to try it out, you’ve come to the right place.
If you know exactly what you’re looking for, that’s great. Or if you could use some expert advice to point you in the right direction, that’s what we’re here for. We love it just as much, if not more, as our valued customers do. So come on in today and check out our premium vodka in Baldwin.

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Nassau County Liquor Store

Whiskeys in Nassau County

Whiskey comes in many forms. Perhaps the most famous of them all is Scotch. Even there, you can subcategorize into blended and single malt. There is also Irish whiskey, bourbon, and rye. Let’s talk about the major types of whiskey, all of which you can purchase from our Nassau County liquor store.

When it comes to Scotch, it is defined as whiskey- or whisky as is sometimes the popular and equally acceptable spelling- that is made in Scotland. It has to be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. But what do we care about that? What matters is the taste. And for Scotch drinkers, there is nothing else. When you come to our Nassau County liquor store, choose from among an impressive variety of Scotch brands, in both blended and single malt, young or aged.

Irish whiskey, not surprisingly must be made in Ireland. It is not unheard of for an energetic argument to occur over which brand of Irish whiskey represents a particular part of Ireland or a particular religious group. Our Nassau County liquor store does not engage in such debates. We have Irish whiskey of various brands and styles.

Bourbon is a style of whiskey that is distinctly American. Bourbon is enjoyed all over our great nation, but it originated in Kentucky. More than other types of whiskey, bourbon is a main ingredient in many well known cocktails: The Old Fashioned, favored by Don Draper on Mad Men, the whiskey sour, and mint julep all feature bourbon. Rye whiskey can be either American or Canadian. Our Nassau County liquor store is proud to offer both.

Whether you like your whiskey straight or mixed, from across the ocean, down South, or from our Northern neighbors, just come on in to our Nassau County liquor store. We can help you make a perfect choice.

Looking for great wines and spirits? Come visit Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits, located at 218 North Long Beach Road in Rockville Centre. Call us at (516) 858-2199 to learn about our selection of whiskeys.

Rockville Centre Liquor Store

Local Liquor Store in Rockville Centre

While a winter wonderland can be fun for a period of time, even the hardiest of Northerners can still begin to feel the winter blues. Fortunately, you have access to one of the best places in town to help you liven up the festivities and enjoy a winter party that will have your guests cease lamenting the winter season, at least for a little while, with winter friendly cocktails for your friends to enjoy. Your number one sources for wine and liquors to kick off any winter event, from birthdays to blizzard parties, begins and ends with a visit to your local Rockville Centre liquor store and Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits.

For those who crave a little something sweet, this low-cal peanut butter cup martini has you covered. Covered the inside of a chilled martini glass with one half of a Sweet Freedom Choc shot, and place in the fridge. In a shaker, just add 45ml of vodka and 30ml of Peanut Hottie, fill with ice, shake, and strain into your prepared glass. Add a pinch of salt, and serve. For those longing for something warm and spicey, a Pumpkin Mulled Wine cocktail can be the perfect cure. No matter what your taste buds crave, you can be certain that your local Rockville Centre liquor store will have everything you need, from recipes to advice, and of course everything you need to make the perfect winter cocktails this season.

For the very best in liquor selection and customer service, be sure to stock your events this season with a trip to your local Rockville Centre liquor store. Our professionally trained team at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits is always available to help you find exactly what you are looking for, from the perfect bottle of wine to an affordable yet smooth brand of vodka, to create winter cocktails you will reach for every season of the year.

If you happen to be feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming event or party that you’re planning then feel free to come pay us a visit us here at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits. Call us at (516) 858-2199 today!