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Liquor Rockville Centre

Now that summer is just around the corner, what better way to celebrate in the sun than with some classic summer cocktails shared among friends? At our Rockville Centre liquor store, Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits, we have all the supplies you need to make some of your favorite summery drinks. One classic drink that absolutely screams summer is the margarita. This simple summer mainstay features tequila as its main element, available in many varieties here at our Rockville Centre liquor store. Add in a little lime juice, sugar, Cointreau, and a salted rim, and you are ready to enjoy.

Another popular summer drink and known to be a favorite at the Kentucky Derby is the mint julep. You can get all the whiskey you need for mint juleps from the alcohol experts at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits, and then add mint, soda, water, sugar, and crushed ice, and you will have the perfect mint juleps ready to share with friends. Yet another simple summer drink to try is the classic daiquiri. Just pick up some quality white rum here at our Rockville Centre liquor store, and then add lime juice and sugar to complete this easy and delicious favorite. These are only some of the classics to consider for your drink menu this summer. Stop by our Rockville Centre liquor store for even more ideas.

If you are looking to learn more about our Rockville Centre liquor store, be sure to visit the main Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits website. We look forward to working with you, and we hope to see you in here at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits soon.

Interested in learning more about the high-quality spirits we have on our shelves?Give us a call at (516) 858-2199!

Wine Store Rockville Centre

Wine Store Rockville Centre

With our diverse selection of domestic and international wines, specialty beers and spirits, Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits is the local liquor store for Rockville Centre and surrounding communities.  We also offer gift baskets and accessories, which make great presents for wine and beer lovers.  If you are ever looking for a bottle of wine to bring to a party, visit us.  Our knowledgeable staff at our Rockville Centre wine store will answer any questions you may have and make great recommendations.  Or are you planning a party yourself?

Wine Store Rockville Centre

Wine Store Rockville Centre

We can help you pick out a variety of domestic and imported wines to suit every wine, beer and liquor enthusiast.

Our Rockville Centre wine store carries a wide variety of champagne.  Champagne is a bubbly, fizzy celebratory wine.  Many of our customers buy champagne to prepare for celebrations such as weddings and New Years or job promotions or parties.  Some customers like to keep champagne on hand to complete their wine collection.  Storing champagne is important to ensure it is still bubbly and fizzy and just as good as it would be the day you bought it.  Store champagne in a cool dry place, or your wine cellar in order to keep it in premium condition.  No wine cellar?  Store it in a closet or your basement if you have appropriate storage.  Be sure to visit our Rockville Centre liquor store for your next holiday, party or next bottle of champagne.

Liquor Store Rockville Centre

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