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Here at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits, customers often ask our wine experts for our best Rockville Centre wine tips, because they are unsure of where to start when it comes to tasting wine. We are here to give you the basics of wine tasting so that you can show off your wine expertise during your next gathering, or so you can simply find which kinds of wines you like to drink best. It is important to remember that there is more to tasting wine than just tasting it—you also need to look at it, and smell it in order to most fully evaluate it. First, pour your wine into a wine glass. Then, take a good look at it. Wine is so much more than either red or white. What kind of red or white do you see when you take a closer look? Is it a deeper red, a purplish red? Is your white wine the color of straw, or is it nearly see-through? Next up in the process is to smell the wine. Before taking your first whiff, swirl the wine around for about ten seconds in order to encourage the natural aromas to rise up to the surface. Then, smell the wine and try to make clear classifications about the aromas that you are experiencing. Always smell the wine again in order to confirm your first classifications. Next comes the actual tasting. First identify if the taste is creamy or crisp, light or heavy, and dry or sweet. Then take another taste and try to pick up more specific flavors, such as cinnamon, fruity, or spicy. Finally, take another taste in order to uncover how long the taste lingers. Take note of all your findings in order to draw conclusions about the wines that you like best.

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