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Like a happy marriage, wine and food are meant for each other. One enhances the other and makes the total experience stronger and more enjoyable. People tend to get intimidated when it comes to pairing foods with wines and get bogged down with the “rules” of the perfect wine and food pairing. The first thing we will tell you at your Rockville Centre Liquor Store is that there are no rules when matching your favorite wines with your cherished recipes or favorite menu item. Sure, there are hints and suggestions but, ultimately, it’s personal preference and the best match is what’s pleasing to your palate.

That being said, what comes to mind when you read the words sweet, sour, salty and bitter? These are the four distinct flavors we can detect with our tongues. Our noses, however, are able to decipher over 200 different aromas. With this sensory combination of tongue and nose, a vast world of flavor characteristics and nuances becomes available to us. As we pair wines with foods, your Rockville Centre Liquor Store will remind you that the flavors of the foods can both contradict or compliment specific wine selections, but both can be a good thing. Let’s take an example of a sweet Riesling. A bag of salty potato chips can taste even better when coupled with the distinct contrast of the sweet wine. On the other hand, when paired with a rich dessert like cheesecake the sweetness of the wine would most likely mellow in flavor when put up against the dominant sweetness of the cheesecake.

As far as food pairings go, first consider whether a dish is “heavy” or “light.” Compare the difference between a meal of steak and potatoes or one closer to chicken and vegetables over rice. Most people seem to lean toward heartier foods being paired with fuller-bodied red wines and lighter meals to be accompanied by a more delicate white wine. Again, these are preference generalizations and just a good focus point to start before you’re comfortable enough to experiment with your own combinations.

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