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Oceanside Wine Store

Looking for advice on what to serve for wine at your next meal? You do not need to go an expensive restaurant on the other side of town for professional expertise on pairing the right wine with the perfect meal. The knowledgeable and friendly staff of your local Oceanside wine store at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits has exactly what you need in both domestic and imported wines to get your meal started right. Whether it’s a special occasion, or just a Friday night in for a lovely meal with your partner, our knowledgeable staff can guide you to the perfect selection that meets your tastes, without breaking the budget.

If you are planning exquisite meal of filet mignon, our staff can get you started off right with the perfect Pinot Noir to match your taste pallet, and your plan for you meal. We carry a wide select ion of Pinot Noir red wines, so feel free to ask the your local retailers of our Oceanside wine store about what flavors will work best with the seasonings or side-dishes you plan to serve with your meal. Pinot Noir will also accompany lamb and veal equally well, and works best with flavors nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. Don’t be fooled by the white wine adage, you can serve Pinot Noir with some types of fish too, such salmon or ahi, and some types of swordfish will make a delicious accompaniment together.

Planning a shellfish feast for the evening? The right wine is all about the type of seafood you plan to serve. If you have a lobster in mind, our wide selection of Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay will accompany this meal perfectly. Viognier will also provide a delicious palate of flavor alongside shrimp, crabs, mahi, and scallops. If you are planning a delicious Asian affair, Viognier is the wine for you. It goes excellent with sushi rolls, wantons, and spicy curries. Chili and ginger will really set off the flavors in this unique white wine, and vice versa. Ask our experts at Rockville Centre Wine for tips in selecting the right brand and flavor for your meal.

Rockville Centre Wine and Spirits has been working as your Oceanside wine store for many years under the trusted local ownership who prides ourselves on keeping the finest and widest selection of wine and spirits in the area. Our shelves are stocked with both domestic and imported wines for the finest of wine enthusiasts, as well as those of us who simply want to give our loved ones a great meal, without breaking our wallets. At Rockville Centre Wine and Spirits you will find world renowned names in wine, coupled with local knowledge and service you can count on.

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