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Rockville Centre Liquor Store

Summer Friendly Cocktails in Rockville Centre

It’s been a spectacular summer so far and it isn’t even close to being over. At Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits, we know that there is nothing quite as refreshing and that goes better with all of your summer leisure activities than some good summer-friendly cocktails. Fortunately, you will find all the ingredients you need to make amazing cocktails right here at our Rockville Centre liquor store. We have the varieties and brands of liquors and liqueurs that you want and all of the mixers that turn them into dynamite cocktails. And if you’re looking for some guidance, you’re in luck. We know our summer-friendly cocktails and are always happy to offer recommendations and suggestions.

The perfect summer-friendly cocktail is a matter of opinion, but we might have an idea or two. You might want a Sea breeze, especially if you’re out on the beach or lounging by the pool. The Mojito is a particularly quenching cocktail on those hot days: light and crisp enough not to weight you down and with plenty of zip and a distinct taste. Classics like the Margarita and the Daiquiri have never gone out of style. And that goes double for their frozen versions. Mm, the summer heat seems to just melt away when you take a sip of Frozen Margarita or Daiquiri, either strawberry or banana. Of course, another rum cocktail that has stood the test of time, the piña colada, is both sweet and sassy. And whether you choose bottled mixers, bottled cocktails, or you want to make yours from scratch, your one and only place to go is our Rockville Centre liquor store.

We could go on and name many more of these irresistible summer-friendly cocktails, but you get the idea. If you can name it, we probably have what you want. There’s still plenty of fantastic weather left, so come in to our Rockville Centre liquor store today and get started on supercharging your summer activities.

 Feel free to give us a call at (516) 858-2199 if you have any questions or comments as well. We hope to see you here sometime soon at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits.