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Wine Store in Rockville Centre

Wine Experts Rockville Centre

Planning a party can be stressful. It takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. You want everything to be just right and you want to make sure that everyone present has a wonderful time. We here at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits know just what you’re going through and our dedicated staff is here to help make the planning and preparation as smoothly as possible. If you visit our wine store in Rockville Center, you’ll find that we have a large selection for you to choose from and find that you’ll be able to get all of your wines and spirits in one convenient location.

Our wine store in Rockville Center is stocked with all types of wine and spirits. Wine can be tricky to pick out for specific events or groups of people. Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits carries everything from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Chianti, Blends, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riseling as well as a variety of champagnes for more special occasions such as Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot Brut, Louis Roederer Cristal as well as Moet and Chandon. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in choosing which wine will best suit your guest and the occasion you are planning for. And don’t forget about the necessary tools to open your wine and champagne! We also carry a wide assortment of corkscrews, bottle openers and a variety of wine and bottle stoppers. We even have gift baskets if you’re attending an event instead of hosting one. Just ask one of our staff members about our choices to help you make the perfect gift selection.

Not only do we have all of the drinks you’ll need for your planned event, but our staff is here to make sure that you find exactly what you need and that there is nothing left forgotten before the big day. Our wine store in Rockville Center has everything you could possibly need and more.

If you happen to be feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming event or party that you’re planning then feel free to come pay us a visit us here at Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits. Call us at (516) 858-2199 today!

Fine Wine Store Rockville Centre

Wine Store 11570

In order to identify a wine, you need to rely on three senses: sight, smell, and taste. At our fine wine store, Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits, we train our three senses to recognize the different characteristics of each wine’s taste. Sight is the easiest and there are words to describe all visual characteristics such as red, dark, clear, etc., so you there is no need to spend much time training your eyes. For example, you already know how to tell a light wine from a dark, and a white from a red, which makes you well on your way to identifying some of the different types of wine.

At our fine wine store, we know that your taste buds are very important in identifying a wines taste. There are several elements of taste that are able to recognize flavors, such as salty, bitter, sour, sweet, savory, and spicy. Each flavor is a combination of these six elements. Different parts of your tongue recognize different taste elements, so it’s necessary to use your entire mouth, including the back of your throat, when tasting wine. We’re sure you have seen some people swirling their wine in their mouth when tasting, as this is why. To train your taste, our experts suggest that you try different types of wine and practice picking out the subtle flavors like spicy, cherry, acid, etc. You should be able to tell immediately if a wine is astringent and makes your mouth pucker, which indicates high acidity, if it’s full-bodied with a high alcohol content, thicker and bolder, or sweet. We recommend that you take some time to identify the flavor elements in several different wines and use your entire mouth to help pick out the specific taste characteristics.

Smell is last because it’s the most complex, making it the most difficult to master. Plainly speaking, the main problem with training your sense of smell is that there simply are not enough words to describe every smell. In order to train your nose, it’s necessary to use language to link each smell to a word. This is why wine tasters, and the experts at our fine wine store, use words like oaky, woody, and flowery. Practice smelling different kind of wines and putting a name to each aroma that you detect. For instance, if it’s fruity, pick out the different types of fruit smells that you find present. As you fine tune your senses in regards to wine you will become more and more capable to identify the specific tastes.

Amp up your evening meal with a delicious wine. Visit us today at 218 North Long Beach Road in Rockville Centre or call us at (516) 858-2199 to speak with our wine experts.

Wine Store Rockville Centre

Wine Store Rockville Centre

With our diverse selection of domestic and international wines, specialty beers and spirits, Rockville Centre Wine & Spirits is the local liquor store for Rockville Centre and surrounding communities.  We also offer gift baskets and accessories, which make great presents for wine and beer lovers.  If you are ever looking for a bottle of wine to bring to a party, visit us.  Our knowledgeable staff at our Rockville Centre wine store will answer any questions you may have and make great recommendations.  Or are you planning a party yourself?

Wine Store Rockville Centre

Wine Store Rockville Centre

We can help you pick out a variety of domestic and imported wines to suit every wine, beer and liquor enthusiast.

Our Rockville Centre wine store carries a wide variety of champagne.  Champagne is a bubbly, fizzy celebratory wine.  Many of our customers buy champagne to prepare for celebrations such as weddings and New Years or job promotions or parties.  Some customers like to keep champagne on hand to complete their wine collection.  Storing champagne is important to ensure it is still bubbly and fizzy and just as good as it would be the day you bought it.  Store champagne in a cool dry place, or your wine cellar in order to keep it in premium condition.  No wine cellar?  Store it in a closet or your basement if you have appropriate storage.  Be sure to visit our Rockville Centre liquor store for your next holiday, party or next bottle of champagne.

Liquor Store Rockville Centre

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